Saturday, February 16, 2008

Piles of snow in Spokane!

They weren't kidding when they said Spokane was under multiple feet of snow. It has been melting for days, evidently, and still 2+ feet exists in the yards. Griffin had a lot of fun, but couldn't make a snowman because it was so packed down, so he and Daddy pretended to make a snowman.

Also, here is Griffin standing in a hole in the snow:

Spokane-bound commentary

Scene: Sitting in a McDonald's in Ellensburg, Washington, where we are just glad to have made it out of Seattle at rush hour in something less than two hours.

Griffin: Mommy, do you have a booger?
Mommy: What?!?!? (thinking he has learned a new word at preschool, but also thinking it could be worse.)
Griffin: Do you have a booger?
Mommy: (thinking a bit before answering) A booger?
Griffin: (looking at Mommy's food) Yes, do you have a cheesebooger?
Mommy: (relieved) Why, yes, yes I do have a cheesebooger!

The fun never stops.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

3 or 13?

Griffin is playing with his motorcycles with Daddy and having a wonderful time, but suddenly starts doing the "potty dance." We ask if he needs to go, but he's having so much fun that he keeps saying, "I don't want to go potty!" over and over.

Finally he picks up his puppy and says, in a very sarcastic voice,"Fine," and walks off downstairs, where instead of going to the bathroom he goes into his room and closes the door. When Doug goes to check on him, Griffin repeats, "Fine," and folds his arms and turns his back on Doug.

If this is 3 years old, what are we in for in 2017?