Thursday, August 30, 2012

Griffin 1, Tooth 0

It was a hard fought war, raging over weeks, Griffin and the other front tooth locked in battle.  Who would win?  The first front tooth had gone without much of a fight months ago, but this second front tooth did NOT want to come out.  It was hanging on any way it knew how, holding on with both hands, chaining itself to the gums, never giving up.  Griffin was determined to win, chomping on every apple in sight, twisting it, and writing the word "wiggle" on his hand to remind him to wiggle it out.

In the end, the tooth lost, but not without a journey to the dentist.  Dr. Bhanji worked her magic and vanquished that tooth.  Now it lies tranquilly in a plastic box labeled "My Tooth" in Griffin's Tooth Fairy pillow pocket, never to bother Griffin again.

The winner and still champion, Griffin the Toothless!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Yellowstone, 2012

Griffin and I had a fun adventure in late July/early August, we spent 10 days driving from Seattle to Yellowstone and back.  Along the way we slept in a tipi at a ghost town, camped for two nights in Yellowstone, saw geysers, mud pots, bears, bison, elk, and a cavern.  It was a fantastic trip!

Tipi at Bannock State Park Campground

Old schoolhouse in Bannock, MT

Wagon and buildings in Bannock, MT

Hotel and buildings, Bannock, MT

Herd of bison, Yellowstone National Park


Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Bison right of way

Campsite at Norris Campground in Yellowstone

Griffin working on his Junior Park Ranger papers, he earned his badge!

Griffin asleep in our tent (it got down to 38 degrees at night)
Black bear (two years old, according to the ranger there)

Bison and blue sky

Griffin watching bison herd through binoculars

Fountain Paintpot geysers


Griffin watching elk

Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT