Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home sick

Griffin and I have been home together for three days, with Griffin having an early version of the flu (I think), and though we're a little tired of each other, there have been a few funny moments.

Griffin loves to play games on my laptop, preschool-level games for counting, alphabet practice, animal sounds, etc., and he's now generalizing that to other things. He's playing a game right now where he has several cars and trucks on his table and he says, "Click on the car that is different from the other cars." or "Click on the car that is tired." A whole new language for this generation!

His favorite word right now is "Sure!" when you ask him to do something or if he is all right. It's even more cute because his voice is very hoarse right now.

We've had little sleep this week because Griffin is having nightmares due to his fever. We (well, Griffin) slept in three places last night: the living room floor in a sleeping bag, the bed in the master bedroom, and the couch (together, that was interesting). I'm hopeful that things will get better so we can go to school at least one more day this week.