Friday, May 16, 2008

Preschool photos

Griffin loves his co-op preschool one night a week. We love to watch him interact with the other children and all the creative things they can do. There are sensory tables, dress-up clothes, a turtle and guinea pigs to watch, a kitchen area, doctor paraphernalia, an exercise room, cars and bikes to ride, trains and cars to play with, etc. The fun never stops! He is sad when we leave every week and gives his teacher Cathy a big hug before he goes home.

Here is Griffin playing in the sensory tub with flax seeds and lots of fun things, including sharks, grinders, bulldozers, etc.:

Griffin likes to dress up as a firefighter and pretend to put out fires with the rope hose. There's a North City Fire Dept. firetruck to drive to the fire, too!