Sunday, November 01, 2009


Griffin has been talking about "Cargoman" for months now, and decided he wanted to be this new superhero he created for Halloween. So he drew a picture of Cargoman's outfit for me and we pulled it off together! He had a great time trick or treating with Grandpa around their neighborhood. I have a feeling he may be wearing his red cape some in the near future!

Cargoman before going to Grandma and Grandpa's

Pumpkins in jail. The big one is Griffin's (if you look at last week's post with photos of the pumpkin patch, you'll begin to recognize his love of big pumpkins.)

Happy Cargoman after trick or treating!

He says he wants to be a witch next Halloween, but I think I'll wait before making the costume, since it might just be possible that he changes his mind in the next 364 days.

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Aunt Patty said...

Griffin makes a great "Cargoman"! He is so creative -- I think he's ready for the movies. Great job, Mom, on the costume.