Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer vacation, Part 1

Griffin and I have been very busy the past week and a half, since school got out. He took a multi-sports class last week in the mornings (baseball, soccer, and basketball for three hours a day for 5-8 year olds), and decided he liked them all. He is going to take a baseball class next week just for fun!

This week he is taking an art class in the mornings, the theme is Safari Explorers. He is having an art show tomorrow and I'll post photos after that.

After each class last week we went exploring around Seattle, going to the zoo, the Pacific Science Center (they have animatronic dinosaurs!), and strawberry picking at a local farm. We also baked cookies, played some Super Mario Kart on the Wii, and basically forgot to relax.

This week we went to the Seattle Art Museum downtown, where Griffin was very interested in the Andy Warhol and Kurt Cobain exhibits, as well as the African masks and Native American art. I think he's ready for the Louvre!

Here are a few photos from the craziness the past week or so!

Photos taken by Griffin of exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum:

Aboriginal war shields from Australia:

Ladybug in our pea patch garden. We had lettuce from our garden as our dinner salad twice this week. We're going back to get the one ripe strawberry tomorrow.

Cookies! What's better than licking the beater?

Seven pounds of strawberries picked by Griffin and me. They were soon pureed, sliced or eaten. Strawberry jam to come soon.

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Aunt Patty said...

What a great summer!! Wish I was there to join in the fun!