Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Grand Canyon North Rim

We spent two nights in a cabin at the North Rim, where the rangers (which Griffin has now decided will be his future job) said that only 10% of tourists visit. The other 90% go to the South Rim.  We loved the peace and quiet and lack of commercialization at the North Rim.

Front of the lodge

Hike out to Bright Angel Point

Sitting in the beautiful Sun Room looking out over the canyon

One of the decks at the Lodge, looking out over the canyon. There were some spectacular thunderstorms across on the South Rim one night and we sat and watched them from here. 

Brighty of the Grand Canyon, subject of a book by Marguerite Henry, a real-life burro who worked in the canyon.  I read the book in elementary school and was excited to see his statue here!  People rub his nose for good luck. 

Some of the cabins where we stayed. Small and cozy. 

Griffin in our cabin. 

Lodge registration area. Sun Room beyond. 

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