Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cornucopia of Veggies

We are thankful for so much this holiday season, but most of all for Griffin, who constantly amuses, amazes, enlightens, and frustrates us. He painted the wonderful vegetables in the cornucopia at daycare last week.

He will undoubtedly eat only mashed potatoes and bread on Thanksgiving, avoiding the meat and stuffing and cranberries. But he will have fun with his "Bapa" and Grandma and "Bear" the Bernese Mountain Dog, while missing his Beppa and Papa, Aunt B, and Brayden, along with everyone else who won't be with us this holiday.

We'll look forward to seeing as many of our friends and relatives as possible over the Christmas holidays. Plus, it's only 54 days until Griffin's 2nd birthday!

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