Saturday, November 04, 2006

Every week is different!

Griffin had a busy week. It takes a lot of energy to refuse to wear your Halloween costume multiple times! So, we don't have any photos of Griffin the Lion to share with you, though he will say "Rrrraahhh!" if you ask him what a lion says. I guess that's enough. Maybe he'll wear it in February and we can show him off then.

He's taking a nap now because he's sick. He even asks for a "Nap!" when he's tired. It's just the times when he isn't tired and you say, "Bed?" and he says "Noooo..." in his cute little voice that drive everyone nuts.

Since it's raining today, we'll have to find something inside to do. Maybe we'll go visit Ba-pa and Grandma and Little Bear and Griffin can count the wooden coasters for 15 minutes.

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